About Company

We are a fresh and forward-thinking Soft Furnishing and furniture manufacturing firm.

HKZ Interior Decoration LLC is one of the most trusted Soft Furnishing and furniture manufacturers in UAE. We provide a wide range of customers from retail, residential, offices, hotels, showrooms, and even hospitals. We have affordable prices for the best Soundproof Solutions, Wooden Furniture, Metal Furniture, Anti-Bacterial/Cubicle curtains, and all other home decor solutions.

We are a Prominent furniture manufacturing and blinds and curtains suppliers across the UAE, driven to create extraordinary spaces that are Wooden Furniture, Metal Furniture, Anti-Bacterial/Cubicle curtains, etc that provide a high-end emotional connection with our clients. Our strength is listening to our client’s needs and develop a design which is an expression of their way of life and stylistic preferences combined with HKZ Interior Decoration's unique design sense.

Our Services

Sound proof solution (Acoustic)

Sound-absorbing panels/Soundproofing Panels that are used on walls or ceilings to control and reduce noise, eliminate slap echo in a room.

Hospital curtains

Cubicle and privacy drapes, also known as nurse drapes are most typical in medical and healthcare centers.

Acrylic Laser cutting & Engraving

Acrylic is your best alternative for less durable materials such as glass.Our custom laser cutting service is excellent for producing custom designs.

“The furniture you own should be a culmination of all the different people you have been at different points in your life.”